Social Program

A City Tour of Yangon which would be the three popular destinations in Yangon.

(1) The Shwe Dagon Pagoda
The elegant Shwedagon Pagoda, massive 99 m high, is Yangon’s most famous landmark and Myanmar’s most important Buddhist pilgrimage site. The main stupa enshrines sacred relics of the Gautama Buddha as well as the three previous Buddhas. You can enjoy
  • The glittering golden stupa and pagodas which well-describe Buddhism
  • Breathtaking beauty of the city from the mountaintop
  • The wonder of Maha Tissada Gandha Bell donated by the Emperor Tharrawaddy of Kongbaung Dynasty in 1841
Shwedagon Pogada
(2) The Bogyoke Aung San Market
The market was built and inaugurated in 1926 and given its name in honour of General Aung San. It is a shopping paradise in Myanmar consisting more than thousand stalls selling
  • Myanmar Gems and Jewellaries
  • Traditional handicrafts
  • Paintings and Art Pieces made by traditional ways
  • Other Cultural-related Souveniors
Shwedagon Pogada
(3) The Secretariat
The secretariat is Yangon’s most intriguing and beautiful historic architectural landmark. It was once the seat of British administration in Burma. The building is well-known among local and foreign people for General Aung San and 7 cabinet ministers and a bodyguard were assassinated on 19 July, 1947. The building was closed after the colonial era and recently renovated as a place for memorial monument. It offers
  • Museum and art exhibit spaces
  • Cultural and private event spaces
  • Guided tours
  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial office space
The Secretariat